JobBase Pro

Job by Email/Jobs Email Alerts
Automatically send job notifications when Job seekers desired job is posted.
Job seeker can subscribe/unsubscribe and add/delete categories of job alerts they wish to receive .
New: Email alert subscription system, option to charge for sending email job lers

CV/Resume by Email/Resume Alerts
Automatically send CV notifications when Employers desired CV is posted.
Employer can subscribe/unsubscribe and add/delete categories of alerts they wish to receive .

Job Seeker Anonymity
Hide Job seeker’s personal info (address, email, tel) in the CV/Resume. Employer will need to request Job seeker to view details via JobBase messaging. Job seeker will receive request via email. Job seeker can either Accept or Deny Employer request.

Send periodic newsletter to all Jobseekers/Employers or even Job seekers who subscribed to Categorized email alerts

With JobBase e-commerce  you can offer services on pre-pay basis,  offering services (Job post/ Resume/CV view) according to employer/recruiter/Agencies  subscriptions. Accept online payment , auto Assignment of Package according to payment and subscription.

Payment process is fully automated.

This module includes PayPal/Authorizenet payment gateway, employer can collect the services they need in a shopping cart and pay via PayPal/Authorizenet. Other payment gateways can be added for free.

Package level will allow you to build unlimited packages and price each package,Example Packages

Package 1 ( 3 posts /Monthly package) Package 2 (Weekly Duration)
Post 3 jobs/month/
Search up-to 40 CV/Resume, expires in 1 month
Job duration can be 1 – 4 weeks/
Each week duration  will take 1 job post credit. Per job credit $5
Package 3 (Package Level Duration) Package 4 (10 posts/month)
Assign job duration with in the Package, example a job will expire in 30 days, can be renewed for another 30 days if credit is available Post 10 Jobs
Search up-to 80 CV/Resume, expires in 6 months
Price: $100




Other features:
-Activity History
-Employer Profile
-Multiple CV/Resume
-Job Hot List/Bookmark
-Job Expire Alert (Send Email Alert to employers before their posted job(s) expires)
-Job Broadcasting Service Ready: Receive jobs from job broadcasting service providers
-Quick Job Alert subscription: Simply add email address and subscribe to alerts without fully-registering
-Sub user Account-Ideal for Job Agencies where sub-user (agents) contact details can be used in jobs from list box.
-Featured Jobs (Show featured jobs in Home page-Auto expire featured jobs/Expire email notification)
-Featured Employers (Quick access to featured employer jobs from Homepage – Auto expire featured employer )
-Most Active Job Type (List top 10 most active job types for quick listing)


Activity History
Admin can watch how many jobs was posted by each employer,
how many times a job was viewed, how many jobs was viewed by jobseeker etc.

Employer Profile
Allow Job seekers to search by employer and view jobs posted by them

Multiple CV/Resume
Allow job seekers to save multiple Resume/CV which they can send when applying online

Job hot list/Bookmark
Job seekers can bookmark desired jobs for future watch.